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Indonesian food and culture in Bali- Dances of Bali and their meaning

Rather than asking, which came first the chicken or the egg? One might ask which came first, Balinese or Indonesian food? Yes, Bali is part of Indonesia, but it is only one of the thousands of islands that make up the country. In other words, Indonesian food is a blanket term for the melting pot of dishes from many of its islands. To clarify, the ethnic groups of; Along with Dutch and Chinese influences created what is known presently as Indonesian food. As a result of Bali being home to t

Luwak Coffee, Did You Know? Let's explore the details.

Luwak Coffee originated in Bali and now Sumatra island is the world’s largest Luwak Coffee producer. Coincidentally, Sumatra Coffee is not the same as the Luwak Coffee that is made there. To clarify, or maybe confuse further, Luwak Coffee, Kopi Luwak, Civet Coffee, and Cat Poop Coffee are the same rare beverage. The coffee has a variety of different names for different reasons, but no matter the name the product remains the same. Before we dive into all the juicy details behind this coffee,

Where to Stay in Bali-Your Bali Guide to 10 Jawdropping Luxury Resorts

Keep in mind that not every Bali visitor is after the same experience. Therefore, the question of where to stay in Bali has many answers. One thing is certain, each of the jaw-dropping resorts you are about to discover has something to offer everyone. To begin with, just ask yourself a simple question. “Where do I want to be in Bali?” The options are, on or near the beach, in or near the rainforest, or in the city. Once you know that detail it’s time to explore your luxury accommodation opt